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Mercy Hospital is a 473-bed acute care U.S. hospital located in Coconut Grove, Miami, Florida. It is Miami-Dade County’s only Catholic hospital and is a recipient of the MAGNET award.

When Should You Be Concerned About Snoring?

It’s not unusual to experience some light snoring from time to time. However, sometimes snoring can be indicative of an underlying problem that requires treatment. Sleep apnea, for example, has been linked to an increased risk of cardiac problems. It can be difficult to know when snoring ought to be evaluated by the experts at the sleep center at Mercy Hospital. If you ever have concerns about your sleep habits, you could consider discussing them with your primary care physician, who may refer you to the sleep center.

When Snorers Gasp During Sleep

Individuals with sleep apnea periodically cease and restart breathing in a cyclical manner during sleep. When breathing stops, the brain instructs the body to wake up to resume breathing. As the patient is briefly roused from sleep, he or she may gasp for air or give a snorting sound. Patients with sleep apnea rarely become aware of these indicators directly; rather, other sleepers may witness these events.

When Other Symptoms Are Apparent

In addition to gasping for air, sleep apnea can cause other signs and symptoms. Snorers may wish to be evaluated for a sleep disorder if they wake up with a sore throat, dry mouth, or a headache. Throughout the day, people with sleep apnea can display excessive sleepiness and concentration impairment; this is because they haven’t gotten a full night’s sleep. Irritability can also accompany sleep deprivation.

When Certain Medical Conditions Are Present

People who snore may wish to be evaluated by a sleep specialist if they also have other medical conditions. Sleep apnea is associated with cardiac problems, such as high blood pressure, abnormal heartbeats, and heart attack. Obstructive sleep apnea can increase the risk of stroke. This sleep disorder may even increase the risk of type 2 diabetes, metabolic syndrome, and liver problems.

The specialists at the Mercy Hospital Sleep Laboratory in Miami look forward to meeting you and addressing your concerns. Our Sleep Laboratory features private rooms equipped with state-of-the-art monitoring technology to facilitate accurate diagnoses and inform effective treatment plans. You can request a referral to a sleep specialist by calling our Consult-A-Nurse line at (305) 854-4400.


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Nashville, Tenn., March 7, 2016 – Hospital Corporation of America (NYSE: HCA), a leading healthcare provider with 168 hospitals and 116 freestanding surgery centers in 20 states and the United Kingdom, has been recognized as a 2016 World’s Most Ethical Company® by the Ethisphere Institute, a global leader in defining and advancing the standards of ethical business practices. This is the seventh consecutive year HCA has been honored, underscoring its consistent commitment to ethical business standards and practices.

“Being named one of Ethisphere’s World’s Most Ethical Companies is in part a reflection of our comprehensive Ethics and Compliance Program for our 230,000 employees,” said Alan Yuspeh, HCA’s senior vice president and chief ethics and compliance officer. “It is also recognition of our culture of integrity, our commitment to provide excellent care for our patients and our desire to be a good citizen in the many communities we serve.”

This year marks the tenth anniversary of Ethisphere and the World’s Most Ethical Companies designation which recognizes organizations that have had a material impact on the way business is conducted by fostering a culture of ethics and transparency at every level of the company.

"Companies rely on Ethisphere to continually raise and measure the standards of corporate behavior. Those that demonstrate leadership in areas like citizenship, integrity and transparency create more value for their investors, communities, customers and employees, thus solidifying a sustainable business advantage," explained Ethisphere’s Chief Executive Officer, Timothy Erblich. "Congratulations to everyone at HCA for being recognized as a World's Most Ethical Company."

The World's Most Ethical Company assessment is based upon the Ethisphere Institute’s Ethics Quotient™ (EQ) framework developed over years of research and vetted and refined by the expert advice from Ethisphere’s World’s Most Ethical Company Methodology Advisory Panel. The EQ offers a quantitative way to assess a company’s performance in an objective, consistent and standardized way. The information collected provides a comprehensive sampling of definitive criteria of core competencies, rather than all aspects of corporate governance, risk, sustainability, compliance and ethics.

Scores are generated in five key categories: ethics and compliance program (35%), corporate citizenship and responsibility (20%), culture of ethics (20%), governance (15%) and leadership, innovation and reputation (10%) and provided to all companies who participate in the process.

The full list of the 2016 World's Most Ethical Companies can be found at


All references to “Company” and “HCA” as used throughout this release refer to HCA Holdings, Inc. and its affiliates.

Knowing What to Do If Your Child Has the Flu

Infants and children have a high risk of contracting influenza because their immune systems aren’t as well developed as that of a typical adult. Young children are also more likely to require emergency care because of flu-related complications. If your child has flu-like symptoms, the pediatricians and emergency care team at Mercy Hospital are standing by to help.

Getting Emergency Care

Certain signs and symptoms indicate that your child should be seen at an ER. He or she needs emergency care if he or she has a bluish color, is having trouble breathing, is breathing very rapidly, or cannot wake up or interact. Irritability, failure to consume enough fluids, and persistent or severe vomiting are other indicators of a serious health problem. You might also notice that your child’s flu-like symptoms resolve, but then recur and become worse. In addition to these symptoms, infants may be unable to eat, produce no tears while crying, and have an abnormally low number of wet diapers.

Contacting the Doctor

Even if your child does not display any indicators of having a medical emergency, it’s a good idea to contact the doctor. Your child may need to be examined if he or she is younger than five years of age or if there are any chronic health conditions. In these cases, the emergency care physician might prescribe antiviral medications.

Comforting Your Child

Consult the doctor before giving your child any over-the-counter drugs or remedies. You can comfort your child by encouraging him or her to sip fluids frequently and to rest. Use a suction bulb to clear away mucus in children younger than two. A cool-mist humidifier may also help with breathing. You can also help your child feel better by distracting him or her from the symptoms. Read aloud a favorite story or turn on some cartoons.

For complete children’s services in Miami, you can place your trust in the compassionate providers of Mercy Hospital. Our pediatrics team is dedicated to helping your little one feel well again. If you have a medical emergency, please call 911 for prompt transportation to a pediatric ER. Otherwise, you can reach a registered nurse by calling (305) 854-4400.

Getting the Right Amount of Exercise to Reduce Your Risk of Stroke

Although it’s a leading cause of death and disability among Americans, stroke is often preventable. Making healthy lifestyle choices every day and working with your doctor to control your medical conditions can help reduce your risk of stroke. If you’ve already received emergency care at Mercy Hospital because of stroke, our rehabilitation specialists can help you recover and reduce your risk of recurrent stroke.

Types of Exercise

Enjoying a combination of different types of exercises can help improve your overall wellness and keep you out of the stroke center. A physical therapist can develop a personalized exercise program that includes aerobic exercises and resistance training. Try to participate in both types of exercise every week and to do a variety of exercises that work your whole body. If you’re unable to use all of your muscles because of a post-stroke disability, your physical therapist can help you learn how to overcome this obstacle. For example, you could do one-sided exercises while sitting safely in a chair.

Frequency of Exercise

Healthcare providers generally recommend getting at least 30 to 45 minutes of aerobic exercise on most days of the week and doing resistance training on at least two non-consecutive days per week. However, it’s quite likely that you won’t reach these quotas right away. Start slowly, particularly if you’re recovering from a medical problem. You can break up your workout into small segments and do them throughout the day.

Technology to Promote Physical Activity

Some physical therapists are turning to new technology to support patients’ exercise efforts. Visual reality devices, including Nintendo Wii systems, can help individuals with disabilities get moving again. Not only are these games fun to play, healthcare providers find that patients who use this technology tend to exercise longer.

Mercy Hospital has been certified as a Primary Stroke Center by The Joint Commission, which reflects our commitment to providing exceptional care for those who have suffered stroke in Miami. In addition to stroke care, our community hospital provides maternity services and pediatrics. If you think you might be having a stroke, please call 911 immediately. Otherwise, contact our hospital at (305) 854-4400.

Healthy Eating Guidelines That Any Woman Can Follow

For many women, taking care of their own health takes a backseat to all of their other responsibilities. However, neglecting your own care means you can never be at your best. The good news is that women’s care doesn’t have to be complicated. Simply making smart food choices is a major step in the right direction in building a healthier lifestyle. Here are some guidelines that will help you put together healthy meals to support your overall well-being.

Eat More Fruits and Vegetables

Fruits and vegetables form the foundation of a healthy diet. They are high in nutrients and low in calories, which means you can dine on sizeable portions without sabotaging your efforts to maintain a healthy weight. When you’re serving up a meal, reserve half of your plate for fruits and vegetables, and consider working them in as snacks throughout the day as well.

Limit Sodium and Added Sugars

Sodium and sugars in your food can increase your chances of high blood pressure and type 2 diabetes. Most people should limit themselves to 1,500 milligrams of sodium per day, but your own needs may be more or less, so ask your doctor for advice. You can limit sodium by reducing your intake of processed foods and seasoning with herbs instead of salt. Eating more potassium-rich foods, like bananas and sweet potatoes, can also mitigate the effects of sodium. To cut your intake of added sugars, eliminate sugary beverages and limit baked goods and candies to occasional treats.

Choose More Seafood

Replace red meat in your diet with seafood. The best choices are salmon, trout, mackerel, and other oily fish that are rich in omega-3 fatty acids that protect your heart and vascular health. Lean fish, including cod and haddock, have less omega-3 acids, but they are healthy, lower-calorie protein choices that make good additions to most diets.

At Mercy Hospital, our women’s services in Miami can support your lifestyle with diagnostic imaging, maternity care, and much more. If you need a referral to a women’s care specialist or more information about the health resources available at our hospital, please call (305) 854-4400.

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