Mercy Hospital
Mercy Hospital is a 488-bed acute care U.S. hospital located in Coconut Grove, Miami, Florida. It is Miami-Dade County’s only Catholic hospital and is a recipient of the MAGNET award.

Miami Emergency Care

Emergency care provides immediate medical attention for serious injuries and illnesses. When you know there is a capable emergency department just minutes away, you can feel confident that even when unexpected emergencies arise, you’ll receive the quick and competent care needed to restore health and wellness. Mercy Hospital’s ER in Miami offers 24/7 emergency care for stroke, heart attacks, allergies, fractures, and more.

Bringing Your Child to the ER

At Mercy Hospital, our emergency department offers pediatric care for children near Miami. If your child is injured or seriously ill, visiting the ER ensures he will receive the prompt medical care he needs at any time of night or day.

  • In many cases, first aid for childhood injuries can be administered at home. However, broken bones, large or deep burns, and wounds that don’t stop bleeding when pressure is applied should always be treated in an ER.
  • Dehydration can be a serious concern for children. Because young children cannot communicate or don’t understand dehydration, keep an eye out for prolonged vomiting or diarrhea, tearless crying, fewer than two soaked diapers a day, or listlessness and general discomfort.
  • While most fevers don’t require emergency care, a high fever (typically over 104 degrees) accompanied by changes in behavior, a stiff neck, or sensitivity to light should warrant a visit to the ER.
  • A child exhibiting seizures or trouble breathing should be seen by an emergency physician immediately; in these cases, you should call 911 so emergency services can begin treatment prior to your arrival at the emergency department.

Three Key Components of Emergency Care

Emergency care is a broad category of medical services that includes the diagnosis and treatment of serious or even life-threatening injuries and illnesses. Mercy Hospital is proud to be a certified Primary Stroke Center serving the Miami area. You can reach us by phone at (305) 854-4400 for additional information about our emergency department and pediatric ER.

  1. The first step in emergency care is diagnosis. A diagnosis may be achieved via a physical examination, bloodwork or other laboratory tests, or diagnostic imaging such as X-rays, MRI, or CAT scans.
  2. Once the injury or illness has been evaluated, treatment will begin. Emergency treatment focuses primarily on stabilizing the patient’s condition, as well as addressing pain and preventing further damage to the body. Treatment may be a one-time service, such as setting a broken bone or eliminating a blood clot causing a stroke or heart attack, or the ongoing administration of medication and fluids.
  3. After the patient is stabilized, follow-up care will be discussed. Some patients may return home after treatment, while others may be admitted to the hospital for further care.

Miami  Emergency Care