Mercy Hospital
Mercy Hospital is a 488-bed acute care U.S. hospital located in Coconut Grove, Miami, Florida. It is Miami-Dade County’s only Catholic hospital and is a recipient of the MAGNET award.

Orthopedic & Spine Surgery in Miami

Orthopedic & Spine Surgery in Miami

The muscles and skeletal system provide support, strength, and flexibility for your body. Orthopedics focuses on the diagnosis and treatment of musculoskeletal injuries, pain, and other conditions that affect your ability to move freely and comfortably. The Orthopedic & Spine Program at Mercy Hospital aims to deliver the highest quality of orthopedic care, including surgical services and sports medicine near Miami. Our team of orthopedics specialists has experience treating conditions that range from degenerative arthritis and chronic back pain to broken bones and acute sports injuries.

The Basics of Joint Replacement Surgery

Joint replacement surgery replaces a damaged and painful joint with an artificial system that will allow you to regain mobility and enjoy pain-free function. Although surgery is a significant step in joint replacement, it is simply one part of a larger treatment plan to restore your quality of life.

  1. Joint replacement surgery is typically only sought after other treatments have failed. If options such as medication, exercise, and physical therapy have not improved your ability to complete and enjoy everyday tasks, you will be evaluated for joint replacement candidacy.
  2. During surgery, your surgeon may replace some or all of the components of the joint, depending on the condition of the bones and the best solution for you.
  3. Your physical therapy and rehabilitation will often begin on the day of your surgery. Many patients choose to recover in Mercy Hospital’s Bay View Rehabilitation facility for comfort, convenience, and top-quality care.
  4. Physical therapy and rehabilitation services will continue for several months after your joint replacement surgery. As you progress, you will be given new challenges and exercises to gain additional flexibility, range of motion, and mobility, allowing you to return to the lifestyle you want.

Back Pain Treatment Options

It is estimated that the majority of adults will experience some type of back pain during their lifetime. The treatment of back pain hinges on an accurate diagnosis of the condition, followed by implementation of a personalized treatment plan. Mercy Hospital is proud to offer comprehensive orthopedic care in the Miami area; to reach us, please call (305) 854-4400 to find out more about diagnostic imaging, orthopedics, and physical and occupational therapy.

  • Pain-relieving medication is often used to achieve comfort for patients suffering from back and spinal pain. Medication can be delivered orally or via injection directly into the affected joints of the back.
  • Physical therapy can improve strength and flexibility, allowing the body to heal naturally while better supporting the spine for comfort.
  • If noninvasive treatments fail, surgery may be suggested to address the root cause of your pain. Surgical services offered at Mercy Hospital include spinal fusion, disc replacement, and laminectomy.